Past event

from 25 October
to 30 October

Sala 4

After the debut of her work at the last edition of the FIT Festival, Swiss performing artist Francesca Sproccati returns to the LAC with a more intimate offering.

Sprocatti’s work begins with an assumption and a question: melancholy is a state of mind we often perceive as immobile and so should be avoided because it hinders us in our movement towards happiness. But can melancholy turn into a revolutionary movement?
Out of Me, Inside You, a semi-finalist for the PREMIO Schweiz 2020, is a live set made up of video fragments, words and sounds. It is a space for listening and meditation, for disengaging from what is known and definite, an installation performance that welcomes contemplation and dreaming as well as falling asleep and being bored. Using just a few components played in a loop, Francesca Sproccati generates an intimate and vibrant environment, full of empty spaces in a state of suspension.

“For this production [...] we worked to bring out what had been invisible to the public in the first version. While we were in the process of creating it, we made two essential trips to Naples and to the Jungfrau glacier […], two utterly different landscapes. Using recordings and videos made onsite, we sought to gather together places, spaces, situations and environments in order to record a lived experience”.
From Francesca Sproccati’s director’s notes.