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14 November 2023

Sala Teatro


15 November 2023

Sala Teatro


Massimo Popolizio, one of the leading figures of contemporary Italian theatre, takes up the challenge of Arthur Miller's theatrical drama set among a Sicilian immigrant community in Brooklyn and inspired by a crime news story: a great social fresco, but also the portrait of an honest man, Eddie Carbone, compromised and defeated by an incestuous erotic passion.

A View from the Bridge, a masterpiece of 20th-century American literature, draws its inspiration from a crime news story that greatly affected Arthur Miller emotionally: a murky family affair, set among Italian immigrants in Brooklyn, in the New York of the 1950s. The author himself writes: “The action of the pièce consists in the horror of a passion which, despite its being contrary to the interests of the individual who is dominated by it, despite all kinds of warnings that he receives, and despite the fact that it destroys his moral principles, continues to exert its power over him until it finally destroys him".

The three-time Ubu Prize winner Massimo Popolizio sees in this concept of the ineluctability of destiny and passions by which a person can be defeated and annihilated, a "drive" or "necessity" which, even today, can have a strong theatrical impact: "The entire action is a long flashback”, explains Popolizio.  “Eddie Carbone, the protagonist, enters the scene when all the audience already knows he is dead. For me, it is a magnificent opportunity to stage a work that clearly resembles a film script and which, as such, calls for close-ups, foregrounds and backgrounds, and long shots. In the light of all the material that this text has generated from 1955 (the date of its first staging) until today, i.e. films, photographs, and television series, I think that a theatrical version that takes into account all these "spin-offs” might be interesting and "entertaining". A great story… told like a film… but in the theatre. With the real acting that a theatre requires, but with the rhythms of a series and the music of a film.”

Arthur Miller

Masolino D’Amico

Massimo Popolizio

Massimo Popolizio
Valentina Sperlì
Michele Nani
Raffaele Esposito
Lorenzo Grilli
Gaja Masciale
Felice Montervino
Marco Mavaracchio
Gabriele Brunelli

Marco Rossi

Gianluca Sbicca

Gianni Pollini

Alessandro Saviozzi

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