Past event

13 June 2024

Sala Teatro


One of Switzerland’s most talented choreographers, winner of the 2023 Swiss Grand Award for Performing Arts / Hans Reinhart Ring, Cindy Van Acker presents her new creation, a duet in an empty space that reveals the bare theatre.

Cindy Van Acker entered Quiet Light inspired by the works of the Flemish painter Leon Spilliaert. From his canvases, she retains the abyss of vaporous horizons, the ink of the night, the restrained power of seascapes and unusual appearances. Stéphanie Bayle and Daniela Zaghini evolve in a space where things weave with evanescence. Underlying this work is the idea of the unfinished, the feeling of the irrelevant, and the serene acceptance that everything is in vain:  a sort of search for an apogee of the ephemeral, which is the true power of a live performance.

The Swiss choreographer finds in the words of Paul Auster a state of being that resonates with the poetic tone of the piece: “Something happens and from the moment it begins to happen, nothing can ever be the same again. Something happens, or else something does not happen. A body moves, or else it does not move. And if it moves something begins to happen. And even if it does not move, something begins to happen. It comes from my voice and yet these words will never be what happens. It comes and goes. If I happen to be speaking at this moment, it is only because I hope to find a way of going alone. Of running parallel to everything else that is going along and so begin to find a way of filling the silence without breaking it.” 

concept and choreography 
Cindy Van Acker

movement creation and interpretation
Stéphanie Bayle
Daniela Zaghini

existing pieces by Lea Bertucci 

dramaturgical consultant
Maud Blandel

stage and lighting design 
Victor Roy

Marie Artamonoff

sound engineer
Denis Rollet

production director 
Pauline Coppée

production manager
Anna Piroud

Sophie Lugon-Moulin

Astrid Takche de Toledo

Cie Greffe – Tutu Production 

in co-production with 
LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
Pavillon-ADC, Geneva
Théâtre Vidy – Lausanne

with the support of
City of Geneva
Republic and Canton of Geneva
Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council
Ernst Göhner Foundation

Born in Belgium, she trained as a ballet dancer in the Royal Ballet of Flanders and the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève. From 1994 on, she started to experiment her own work and emerged on the contemporary Geneva dance scene with her solo performance Corps 00:00 in 2002. The piece gained international recognition, including the participation in the 2005 Venice Biennale at the invitation of Romeo Castellucci. She founded the Compagnie Greffe in Geneva in 2002. Since then, she has staged over thirty works, including some for Cie Greffe, the Ballet de Lorraine, the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, P.A.R.T.S. and Romeo Castellucci’s productions. Her choreographic work combines aesthetic sobriety and minimalism and attentively explores the connections between soul, body, sound and rhythm, creating works that transcend the boundaries between dance, performance and plastic arts. She has won numerous awards, including the UFC Choreographic Production Award for the works Diffraction and Speechless Voices and, in 2023, she received the Swiss Grand Prix for the Performing Arts / Hans-Reinhart-Ring.

Photos from rehearsals