Past event

14 June 2024

Teatro Foce


The aim of the new creation by the Greek choreographer Christos Papadopoulos, a solo piece performed by Georgios Kotsifakis, is to explore uncharted areas by consciously pursuing the loss of the sense of surety that acquired art provides: areas that, despite being unknown, are still founded on personal questions and quests.

Up to now, Papadopoulos’ work has approached movement like a hidden secret, with its essential, everyday characteristics. Through extensive research, he immerses his “gaze” and the audience’s “gaze” into the movement, seeking the point where movement itself finds its charm and freedom.
In his new work, the choreographer returns to the study of the body as an unknown territory, taking modern and postmodern architecture as his starting point to construct a new perspective on its basic functions. Is it possible to perceive the body as space and treat it as such? Is it possible to reinvent its coordination the way that architecture frames space, creating a new, idiosyncratic approach to it? How can we construct an artificial, yet still organic, way of moving in space?

concept and choreography
Christos Papadopoulos
Georgios Kotsifakis

Georgios Kotsifakis

Jeph Vanger

Eliza Alexandropoulou

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

Christos Papadopoulos studied dance and choreography in SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam (2003), theatre in the National Theatre of Greece, Drama School (GNT Drama School) (1999) and Political Sciences in Panteion University (2000). His work Elvedon was the first choice of the Pan-European network Aerowaves 16 Dance Across Europe. Opus – another work of distinction – was chosen by Aerowaves 18. His critically acclaimed work for 10 performers Ion, was commissioned by Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens and premiered in Athens in February 2018. Larsen C (2021), an international co-production, has already been presented to more than 25 venues and festivals across Europe. In 2023 he created the work Mellowing for the prestigious dance company Dance On, and later on, Mycelium for the Lyon Opera Ballet and the Biennale de la Dance Lyon. Christos Papadopoulos has choreographed performances of numerous directors in Greece and has taught movement and improvisation at the Drama School of the Athens Conservatoire since 2003.

Georgios Kotsifakis is a graduate dancer from the Professional Dance School of Rallou Manou in Athens and the Amsterdam School of Arts. As a dancer he has collaborated with many companies and artists and he performed in several international festivals. He was part of the choreographic team for the opening ceremony for the first European Games that took place in 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Christos Papadopoulos and Georgios Kotsifakis talk about the creation of Landless