Friday 23 February

Sala Teatro
from 34.- to 49.- CHF

Saturday 24 February

Sala Teatro
from 34.- to 49.- CHF

After a long tour in over 60 cities worldwide, this delicate and amusing show of the Finzi Pasca company Bianco su Bianco [White on White] returns to the stage of the LAC, ready to enchant the audience with its "forest of light" made up of 348 light bulbs.

Born from the desire of the main creators of two Olympic ceremonies to return to an artistically intimate and more compact dimension, Bianco su Bianco [White on White] tells the story of Ruggero and Elena, of the boy's difficult childhood -an abusive father, strange spots on his skin and no smiles-, of the strength of friendship that allowed him to weather the storm, and of that bond which is as magical as it is mysterious, that is to say love, which will support both of them in climbing one of the highest peaks.
A show where the two performer-actor-acrobat-clowns Helena Bittencourt and Goos Meeuwsen dialogue with a sophisticated and suggestive universe consisting of a "forest of light" which also becomes an impalpable performer of the show. Each of the more than three hundred bulbs has its own life and together they can breathe, dance, and palpitate, amplifying the emotions of the performers, immersing the audience in imaginary places that arouse amazement.
Delicate and crystalline music accompanies the story of life and hope of this funny, fairy-tale and slightly surreal couple.

written and directed by
Daniele Finzi Pasca

Helena Bittencourt, Goos Meeuwsen

co-design of lights, choreography and Firefly Forest
Daniele Finzi Pasca

director of creation and production
Julie Hamelin Finzi

music, sound design and co-design of choreographies
Maria Bonzanigo

sets, accessories and Firefly Forest co-design
Hugo Gargiulo

executive producer and creative team member
Antonio Vergamini

Giovanna Buzzi

co-design of lights and Firefly Forest
Alexis Bowles

Firefly Forest
Roberto Vitalini –

project manager and make-up designer
Chiqui Barbé

Compagnia Finzi Pasca

in co-production with
Teatro Teatro Sociale Bellinzona, Maison de la culture de Nevers et de la Nièvre, L’Odyssée – Scène conventionnée de Périgueux