Past event

10 October 2023

Sala Teatro


Yuram Ruiz, conductor 
Orchestra Le Nove 
Coro Vivace, Coro da camera di Varese, Volunteer singers from leading Ticino choir

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) 
Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125 (1824)

The unique energy of the Orchestra Le Nove, merged with the incredible expressive power of the Ninth Symphony and the magic sound of the Sala Teatro will craft an unforgettable musical moment. 

200 years after the publication of the Ode to Joy’s symphony, this concert will set a new light on Beethoven’s masterpiece. The Orchestra Le Nove, a 2020 founded young professionals and students orchestra, is thus going to conclude the complete performance of the composer’s symphonies. 

The Symphony 
The Ninth Symphony, with its Ode to Joy, has become a symbol of brotherhood among men. In 1972 it was chosen as the European anthem and in 2001 it was declared a Memory of the World by UNESCO. 
With this symphony, Beethoven describes joy with unprecedented poignancy, inspired by the text of Friedrich Schiller's poem An die Freude. However, this symphony also talks about fear, anger, despair: it is indeed a work that could be described as empathetic, which succeeds in describing the complexity and incomprehensibility of human emotions, leaving in the privileged position - the finale - hope. 

The Project 
The Le nove di Beethoven project was founded in 2019 by nine young musicians from Ticino together with Venezuelan conductor Yuram Ruiz. Based on autonomy, openness and inclusiveness, the project offers the Ticinese audience concerts of professional quality, offering performances that are philologically respectful yet rich in novelty. 
The non-profit project aims to make classical music more accessible and interesting for people of all ages.