Past event

07 April 2023

Teatro Foce


Short Skin is a utopian catalogue about the marvelous and uncontrollable energy of youth, of the fear of one day losing it and the terror that everything will always stay the same.

They are among us. And we were once like them. The entomologist of the soul turns his gaze on that time of life we all had to go through and which inhabits worlds and rules so different that there is really no point in judging it – adolescence. The performance features a selection of pop songs and signs and symbols that represent a unique, precious period for the formation of the individual. And maybe there is no better moment to try to define the characteristics of teenagers: today adolescents are quite stationary, they enjoy being observed and studied. Bodies that change, hair that refuses to be tamed, insatiable appetites of every type, attraction, needs, identity, language, music, spaces, refusals, renunciations, losses, confusion and…the “others”, those who think they still dominate this planet. And in the end the ability to smile, to suffer and for just one moment to love like they do.