Past event

01 December 2022

Palco Sala Teatro


Feeling Science is a scientific theatrical experiment created by nine women scientists and an actress.

In these trying times in European history we are learning firsthand about the complex relationship between science and politics. Now more than ever we need a new way to manage the cognitive resources that science makes available to politics.
What happens when the languages of science and politics meet in the ritual space of the theatre through women’s bodies who are for once no longer sacrificial victims – the entire western theatrical tradition has given us women’s bodies ready to be sacrificed in the name of a new social order, starting from Antigone and Iphigenia – but bodies endowed with agency and the ability to think, writers of a new “logos”?
Starting from these nuances and problems, Feeling Science posits a new world in which science and theatre dialogue with each other, so that a new techne can emerge, a techne that uses both the rational and the irrational, the conscious and the unconscious, the languages of science and the emotions in new combination.