Past event

22 October 2022

Sala Teatro


The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company is making its very first appearance at the LAC. Under the artistic direction of Italy’s Jacopo Godani, an internationally acclaimed choreographer and longtime dancer with the Frankfurt Ballet as well as a collaborator in many of William Forsythe’s creations, the ensemble will be staging an experimental performance.

In his new choreography Godani ties the notion of artistic freedom with birds, conveying this concept through the airy and hollow structure of their bones.
Hollow Bones, thus, becomes an embodied representation of this freedom which also permeates the entire choreography. Like in an artistic manifesto Godani combines his own performative attitude, his approach to the technique of classical ballet with his wide ranging chorographical explorations. Features like unusual sounds and spoken texts emphasize the performance’s experimental nature and contribute to a choreographic structure characterized by real-time composition. Situations on the stage come and go with deliberate spontaneity, in keeping with an invisible but organized pattern.
Jacopo Godani's distinctly modern and vibrant choreographic language demands immense virtuosity from his dancers, involving them in real physical and mental challenges. Traditional dance meets contemporary thinking, engendering a one-of-a-kind ensemble.