Past event

03 May 2023

Palco Sala Teatro


The double, duality as difference, the opposite that gives rise to mystery: this work which recently won the Ubu award for best dance performance in 2021, speaks and conveys form, especially to the meeting of its two interpreters’ bodies, Francesco Mastrocinque, an actor with a disability, and dancer Filippo Porro.  

The project is also a "first time" collaboration between two different artistic cores that meet at the confines between art and diversity, each bringing its own experience and stage poetics which, despite the distance of the sign, are nurtured and developed by the same sensitivity and passion.
A danced oxymoron, an attempt to unveil the two faces of the sphinx, wise ignorance and discordant beauty: two different bodies searching the stage for the origins of a possible existence, a disruptive vitality and disarming candor, through an abstraction of reality that turns into a vision. Two equal bodies recognizing each other and never ceasing their embrace, the mandala, the cell that binds them; two primordial beings, primates, taking their first steps. Between evolution and involution, they choose the nonexistent “volution”: being close without going, without the forced fate of growing and diminishing.
An itinerary made up of gestures, glances; small, great tendernesses; mocking and ruthless betrayals. Always in a precarious balance: tightrope walkers, suspended between life and death, between asceticism and falling.