Past event

18 January 2023

Palco Sala Teatro


Starting from the observation of the human body’s permeability to media, with particular reference to smartphones, the choreography CORPOmemory hones in on the hybrid, post-organic identity of contemporary life. A piece of writing for the dance that works on the concept of penetrability, how bodies are traversed by data streams and how their boundaries become dilated.

By connecting to the crossmedia website the audience can – before, after and during the performance – access information related to its stories, experiences, personal data about the performers and the production, the sounds and images of its choreography, and thus actively interact with all the components of the performance.
In CORPOmemory the smartphone becomes a tool for sharing that creates a system of relationships between the audience and the performers in a sensitive environment – delineated in features and aesthetics – through the elaboration of choices made by the community and by AI.
Choreographer and dancer Ariella Vidach and video artist Claudio Prati continue to explore the use of interactive media in relation to the body and movement and bring to the stage an abstract and multidimensional work that reflects on policies, on bodies, on power dynamics, as well as on the new rituals of contemporary narratives