Past event

08 March 2023

Teatro Foce


Fabrizio Arcuri co-directs Filippo Nigro, one of the most interesting actors in the Italian cinema and hit TV series, in a personal version of Every Brilliant Thing, a text by British writer Duncan Macmillan who with sensitivity and a lightness that is by no means superficial, deals with the complex and delicate topic of depression.

Nigro brings to the stage a tale of self-fiction marked by “lists of things worth living for”, in an attempt to provide his mother with an inventory of alternatives to suicide. It is a list that grows longer with time, from childhood to adulthood, one that numbers a million valid reasons.
The resulting list – which the protagonist, in a confidential and intimate tone, shares with who is listening to him – is unexpected, moving and very personal, made up of episodes and anecdotes, caught on the fly by the Narrator in the margins of books, receipts and coasters in pubs.
Every Brilliant Thing gives life to a human and informal tale/confession of special moments, flashes of epiphany, trivial obsessions, meetings, emotions and unforgettable moments during which the protagonist focuses on his relationship with his father, his first love, the failure of his marriage, his seeking help in difficult times. In the end the list proves to be more useful for him than for his mother…
The performance won the National Franco Enriquez Prize 2022 “for a theatre, an art and communication that is social and civilly engaged”.