Past event

04 March 2023

Palco Sala Teatro


Ticinese dancer and choreographer Lorena Dozio continues her journey into the invisible but this time using words in her new work centered on the voice and the relationship between the human body and a text. In this dissociation between movement and its description, Dozio seeks an escape route in order to conjure visitors and ghosts in a dialogue between life and death. 

The choreography deals with the relationship between the surrounding environment and the limits of the human body. Lorena Dozio explores description as a manifestation of the environment, of the climate, of the feelings a landscape can evoke; like in a sequence of film shots in which the conditions gradually change and transform, ending in an encounter with another body, one that is immaterial but made present by the dancer’s movement.
How can mental images suggest to us the invisible? How can we dialogue with those who are absent? Where do extreme bodily states like trance and apnea lead us? What can they teach us? What movements do they induce?
Sound and sound equipment are an important element in dramaturgy because they allow us to create presences and absences, to include the audience in the scenic space, to create a sensory immersion through quadrophony.