Past event

16 February 2023

Teatro Foce


Young actress Viola Marietti is the author and interpreter of a tale that is both autobiography and pure invention, a game of slaughter and suspended observation, half-way between stand-up comedy and Sarah Kane’s tragic stream of consciousness.

An actress who is an irreverent magma of energy ready to explode. A young woman who is a kind of unhinged Alice in Wonderland but without White Rabbit to be her guide. A theatrical game suspended between restless self-deprecation and a caustic, comic, desecrating tale about herself in the best tradition of Eric Bogosian who entitled one of his monologues Pounding Nails in the Floor with My Forehead. This is ALDST, and a lot more. In Italian the acronym stands for At the limit of totally fucking up
Rapping about life, Viola Marietti talks about herself, her family and an entire generation of twenty-somethings, too intelligent to still have any illusions but too deluded to function in reality. 
According to Marietti “ALDST is a sequence of shots of fuckups, like Christmas dinner and all the emotional “pit-stops” of every day, forcing her to wage a crude struggle against the undefined ballast that always drags her down and pulls her into the abyss of depression. We learn everything about this girl: love, work, loneliness, religion, sickness, always repaying her with interest the nameless pain she carries inside her”.