Past event

26 May 2022

Villa Ciani


curated by
Lorenzo Conti and Simona Travaglianti

Tiziana Conte coordinator Festa Danzante Ticino and Piattaforma Danza
Monica Gillette dramaturg EU projects Empowering Dance e Dancing Museums - The Democracy of Beings
Mara Loro Project Manger and Direzione of Hangar Piemonte / Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo

The LAC in collaboration with Reso - Rete della Danza Svizzera invite you to take part in an afternoon of discussion in which practices and tools will be shared regarding the role played by the public in the dance in our contemporary societies. The debate will be centered around the word “care”: of persons, communities, artists. It is a word that is always associated with curatorship. What does it mean to care for our institutions and our public? How is it possible to translate the artistic act into an act of donating a practice that puts all the participants in an appropriate position and makes the desired experience possible? Helping us to understand these questions are two experts in the field, Monica Gillette (Dramaturg EU projects Empowering Dance e Dancing Museums - The Democracy of Beings) and Mara Loro (Project Manger and Direzione of Hangar Piemonte/Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo), who in these years have been able to translate their ideas into actions and concrete practices by expanding, questioning and giving new meaning to the word “dance” and the word “public”, and converting spaces of pure spectatorship into venues of cultural, social and political agency. Divided up into a series of panels the participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to encounter new paradigms for thinking about and practicing culture, they will be able to share pathways and ideas, explore new avenues and maps to orient themselves in the future.

Born in Mendrisio, she is head of cultural projects of the Associazione Arturo Prod (with which she organizes “Festa danzante” a national event promoted by Reso-Rete danza and “Piattaforma danza”, a new cantonal organization for the promotion and coordination of dance); she is also in charge of communication and programming of collateral events for the federal institution Museo Vincenzo Vela. She contributes as a freelance journalist to Radiotelevisione svizzera.

Trained in both the arts and economics, since 2001 Loro has been studying and experimenting with the artistic/economic components of a method that investigates and develops the identity of an institution or a territory in relation to its own social, economic and cultural context. She is active in Switzerland in planning, through the language of the arts and culture, projects and events, and interdisciplinary participatory discussion activities on contemporary social problems. Since 2015 she has collaborated with the Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, for which she curates and coordinated the area of Innovation and research. She has developed innovative cultural and artistic projects for the business sector, for schools, in the area of health and wellness and for the conversion of urban and peripheral spaces. She teaches territorial development strategies through the performing arts at the University of Turin. In 2018 she founded, along with nine other cultural project managers the company Itinerari Paralleli, a social enterprise that helps organizations, public and private institutions in conceiving, planning and realizing cultural content and innovative social and cultural activities by bringing together complementary skill sets with a strong shared ethical vision.

Is a dramaturg, choreographer and facilitator with expertise in participatory projects, transdisciplinary research and artist driven networks. She is the project dramaturge for the EU funded projects Empowering Dance and Dancing Museums – The Democracy of Beings. Monica was the editor of the digital publication for the EU funded project Migrant Bodies - Moving Borders, identifying and developing inclusive practices for migrants and refugees through dance. In recent years Monica collaborates with choreographer Gary Joplin at Theater Freiburg in creating works with non-professionals that take on societally urgent topics – “Die Krone an meiner Wand” (2017), “Grenzland” (2019) and “The 3rd Box” (2020-22). Since 2019 she collaborates with Yasmeen Godder Company on the Practicing Empathy project, which grew from their co-artistic direction of Störung/Hafra’ah (2015-16), bringing together people living with Parkinson’s Disease, professional dancers and scientists to collaboratively research movements.