Past event

29 May 2022

Palco Sala Teatro


Swiss choreographer Lea Moro’s new work is an acoustic-performative meditation that turns the mundane process of breathing into a choral and choreographic medium while inviting the audience to oscillate with their own breaths.

Six bodies move through the stage while lying, sitting, standing, stomping. Their distance from each other is measured by the range of their breaths. The bodies shake, clap and vibrate. A polyphonic blending of parallel breaths takes hold of the space. A sigh as a prelude to singing. One - two - three – seven breaths in the rhythm of a voice. 
In times of face masks, air filters and aerosol measurements, air-sharing is evident as a biopolitical issue. Although bodies have always breathed, different human, social, and economic dynamics have been shaping their capacity to do so as a fundamental determinant of life itself.
Omnipresent breathing is the object of biopolitical power and control, of devotion and sexuality, of spirituality and cosmic connectedness. The rhythm and tone, the (dis)tension and vibration of each breath is our own and at the same time the instrument of our surroundings. As such exploring and releasing the breath is physical, and therefore as painful, as it is sensual, pleasurable and emotional. To engage with one's own breathing is another form of taking responsibility, self-care, awareness of oneself and our interdependence. 

choreography and concept
Lea Moro

created with and performed by
Ana Laura Lozza
Kiana Rezvani
Lea Moro
Malika Lamwersiek
Samuel Draper
Sharón Mercado Nogales

Andrés Bucci aka Futurelegend

composition songs
Andreas Bonkowski
Jana Sotzko

Nina Krainer

assistance costume
Molly McDonnell

Martin Beeretz

Lea Moro
Nina Krainer

choreographic collaboration
Kiana Rezvani

production, management
Hélène Philippot

collaboration production
Mirjam Sadjak

Harriet von Froreich (I’ll eat your breath)
Guilherme Marcondes (Are we all suffocating?)
Team collaboration (Beyond breath)

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
Lea Moro

thanks to
Ana Létunic
Claudia Feest
Ignacio Jarquin
Julia Keren Turbahn

Swiss choreographer and cultural manager Lea Moro lives in Zurich and Berlin. The author of innovative performances that examine the physical, social and emotional layers of human connections and encounters, since 2013 she has been presenting her works internationally.
In addition to her activity as a choreographer, Moro is co-founder of Berlin’s Acker'Festival (2013/14), she completed her training in "Systemic Organizational Consulting" at artop at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin (2018/19) and attended a training course entitled "Programming in the Performing Arts" at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg and the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich 2019/20). She has taught at the DOCH – School of Dance and Circus at the University of Stockholm, at the University of the Arts in Helsinki, at the HZT in Berlin and at the Manufacture of Lausanne. Since 2020 she is associate dramaturge of the productions of the Tanzhaus Zürich.

She is an artist in the field of performing arts. Her practice includes choreography, performance, dance dramaturgy and teaching. Her interests today revolve around the instability and potential of notions and affects of the collective, the anonymous and the residual. In 2010 she co-founded with Bárbara Hang, the production platform Acá No Hay Delivery, under the desire to explore ways of collaboration in research, production and maintenance of choreographic works. She currently lives in Berlin.

She is a choreographer and performer from Tehran, based in Berlin. Her artistic works search for untold, hidden and suppressed memories and narratives, following the traces of history in the layers of her identity, finding meanings and creating new relations that challenge the dominant colonial, imperial perspectives on the Middle East. Her choreographic works focus on the densities of emotions, sensations and affects by creating enchanted spaces for poetic resilience. She is the co-founder of cobracobra collective together with Sharon Mercado Nogales, in which they investigate the geopolitical parallels between Iran and Bolivia.

She is a Berlin-based dancer, performer and teacher that specializes in improvisation within the urban dance styles House, Hip Hop and Popping. Her main interest lies in the body's relationship to the music and the narration of created stories during improvisation.
Since 2013, she has traveled to various countries to learn, exchange and perform with other Hip Hop artists as well as to do research on the History of afro diasporic dance styles and their societal context.
As an active part of the urban dance community in Berlin, Malika and the Walashé collective, which was created in 2018, are organizing Jams, Battles and classes to create spaces for the community to grow. As a performer and dancer, she was part of the theater piece Roots in Cologne and the dance piece Diana, Even which was choreographed by Kat Valastur and is going on tour internationally in 2022.

He is a British and Swedish dancer and choreographer, living in Berlin and working between Germany and Sweden.  He works with body, image and movement in a variety of dimensions – grounded in a study of tarot, symbol and the human energy field. From 2013 to 2017, Samuel was a dancer with Cullberg where he performed and participated in the creation of works by Cristian Duarte, Trajal Harrell, Deborah Hay, Stina Nyberg and Jefta Van Dinther. In 2017 he was a DanceWEB scholarship recipient as well as completing a 6 month Tarot mentorship with Jeffrey Hinshaw of Brooklyn Fools/Cosmic Cousins. In 2021, Samuel taught the workshop "tarot, astrology, dance" at ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival.  As a freelance dance artist, Samuel has worked with the likes of Pavle Heidler, Winnie Ho, Mira Mutka, Together Alone and Weld Company. Ongoing artistic collaborators include Shannon Cooney, Frédéric Gies, Claudia Hill and Ania Nowak.

She is a dancer/performer/choreographer from La Paz- Bolivia, living and working in Berlin. She studied a B.A. in dance, context, choreography at the Inter-university of dance HZT/UdK (2017-2021), with the Wayruru Project in La Paz (2014-2016) and Ballet at the EBO La Paz (2001-2011) She has collaborated with different artists and collectives in Bolivia and Germany, among her latest works are Earth Beings (2021) and Present images from PastFuture (2021). She is currently developing a dance practice called Technocumbia as part of her research.
In her work she incorporates autobiographical material that goes through an exercise of memory. With the aim of creating decolonial body practices by setting the knowledge of her ancestors and her current life experience as conditions to rethink and transform them. She constantly seeks to trigger the current cultural spectrum through the body, working with the deconstruction and resignifiers of her materials.