Saturday 16 March

Sala Teatro
from 27.- to 39.- CHF

Gardi Hutter, Switzerland's most famous clown, returns to the LAC with an entertaining show for the whole family, centred on the adventures of a prompter who lives for - and physically under - the theatre stage.

The prompter knows everything there is to know about the theatre, but nobody knows anything about her.
Hanna devotedly prompts lines to the performers, distinguishing them by their voices – and by the smell of their feet. She lives for the stage and… under the stage, where she has furnished her little home. Despite her shadowy existence, Hanna enjoys herself in her own way in this underground world.
And then, one day, the old theatre is closed and a more modern one is opened, but, unfortunately, no one remembers to inform the prompter and she is simply forgotten.

by and with
Gardi Hutter

Fritz Bisenz, Ueli Bichsel

Franco Feruglio

Urs Moesch

mechanical devices
Martin Fischer

lights and sound
Theo Bernardi

with the support of
the Culture Division of the Canton of Ticino, Municipality of Arzo