Past event

15 May 2024

Teatro Foce


R+G is a love song for two voices, electric, poetic, and restless. A visceral thrust into the soul of the two very young protagonists, between the violence of provincial life and the authenticity of adolescent love.

“There are two photos. The first is a night-time panorama. There is the moon, high, white, and bright. Below there is a great darkness, and only the shapes of the trees can be recognized: it is a forest. In the background, you can see some small lights far away, perhaps a distant town, maybe a road, with some cars passing by. In the second there are two young people, R and G. It's a close up on their faces. They are both looking towards the camera. R kisses G on the cheek, and she smiles, revealing her teeth. The photos are posted at four forty-seven. They are their last two photos. Now, there are accompanied by thousands of comments below. R and G met at the Maab, a former industrial shed in the middle of nowhere that had been converted into a club and was rented out for parties, weddings, and events such as confirmation celebrations. The Christmas Party is the event most eagerly awaited by the local students because all the classes from the neighbouring villages meet, and for many it becomes a sort of initiation rite. That night will forever mark the lives of the two protagonists "born under an unlucky star". [...] R+G is a show that gives the themes and universality of the great classics an essential and contemporary staging, accessible to all types of audience."
– From Stefano Cordella's director’s notes

a project by
Stefano Cordella
Tommaso Fermariello

loosely based on
William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Tommaso Fermariello

Stefano Cordella

Caterina Benevoli
Duccio Zanone

live sound and original compositions
Gianluca Agostini

scenic space
Alberto Nonnato

lighting design
Roberto Raccagni
Nicolò Pozzerle

assistant director
Alberto Olinteo

TSV – Teatro Stabile del Veneto