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29 November 2023

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30 November 2023

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Based on the novel by James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan - The Musical is a unique and appealing theatrical experience, a journey to "Neverland" to be enjoyed with the whole family. The show offers the unforgettable music of Edoardo Bennato and includes among its protagonists, in the role of Captain Hook, Giò Di Tonno, a performer with an extraordinary charisma and a powerful voice.

Among the most loved and long-playing musicals on the Italian theatre scene, Peter Pan - The Musical has been a surprising success spanning over 17 years: since 2006, when it was staged for the first time, the show has already fascinated over one million spectators, with more than 950 repeat performances, and it has been awarded prestigious prizes such as the Gassman Prize and three Agis Golden Tickets.

The direction of Maurizio Colombi and the unforgettable music of Edoardo Bennato take the spectators on an exciting and engaging journey, in which fantasy mixes with reality, offering moments of pure wonder.

The beating heart of the show is, however, the soundtrack, consisting of some of the most famous songs by Edoardo Bennato taken from his legendary 1978 album Sono solo canzonette [They are just Little Songs] and other songs such as Il rock di Capitan Uncino [Captain Hook’s Rock], La fata [The Fairy], Viva la mamma [Long Live Mummy] and many others, including the famous L’isola che non c’è [Neverland]. The songs were rearranged by the singer-songwriter himself for this musical, together with the addition of the unpublished piece Che paura che fa Capitan Uncino [Captain Hook is really Scary].

On stage, 21 artists bring to life a magical world enriched with special effects such as the flight of Peter Pan; in the background, the fairy Tinker Bell, the inevitable duels with Captain Hook and his pirates, the adorable Sponge, the lively gang of Lost Children, Tiger Lily and the sinister ticking of the cunning Crocodile that terrifies Hook.

Maurizio Colombi

Edoardo Bennato

Giò Di Tonno and cast to be decided

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