Past event

10 November 2023

Sala Teatro


Among the major artists of the contemporary jazz scene, Paolo Fresu performs at the LAC with an extraordinary band of musicians – Bebo Ferra, Paolino Dalla Porta, Stefano Bagnoli – already known in their four-man formation as the most “highly-charged” Italian jazz group of recent years.

The star of the evening is the Devil Quartet, conceived by Fresu to develop along a different path an idea of a quartet that had materialized earlier in the “Angel Quartet”, a much-celebrated formation at European level. The line up of the "devils" brings together authentic specialists of their instruments in a new and surprising acoustic version, reaching a final result which, as always happens with well-played jazz, is greater than the sum of the individual performers. Fresu's skilful direction governs a kind of music that he himself defines as "melangé", that is to say the result of crossing different styles and languages, which is intense, open, and innovative.
Recognized internationally, in the sound of his trumpet there is the lymph that has given prestige to the Nouvelle Vague of European jazz, the depth of a musical thought (and not only) as well as the enormous and inexhaustible passion that has always driven him.

trumpet, flugelhorn, effects
Paolo Fresu

Bebo Ferra

double bass
Paolino Dalla Porta

drums and percussion
Stefano Bagnoli