Tuesday 09 April

Sala Teatro
15.- CHF

An evening dedicated to music and German expressionist cinema: a multi-projection of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's masterpiece Nosferatu the Vampire envelops and surrounds the musicians of the Ensemble 900 of the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana, protagonists of a musical journey among pieces by Alban Berg, György Ligeti and Morton Feldman.

There was a film entitled Nosferatu that defined itself as a symphony of horror: chills, nightmares, madness and apparitions all intertwine with images of sinister landscapes and stormy seas.
No literary work will ever be able to express the spectral and supernatural like cinema, but images alone are not enough; it is sound that makes the cinematic work a bridge to another world.
A symphony of horror overturns and subverts the practice of putting music at the service of images, starting from the choice of the musical repertoire, which includes pieces by Alban Berg, György Ligeti and Morton Feldman. The film thus becomes "living material" for a completely new and original work: times expand, the images enlarge, overlap, and become coloured, but without losing the clear and understandable flow of the story.

Francesco Bossaglia, Fabrizio Rosso

musical direction
Francesco Bossaglia

video and stage design
Fabrizio Rosso

sound director and sound design
Luca Congedo

Ensemble900 of the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana

900presente – stagione del Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana

in coproduction with
RSI Rete Due