Thursday 16 May

Palco Sala Teatro
25.- CHF

Industria Indipendente, a collective of performing and visual arts wrote the texts and handles the stage direction of La mano sinistra [The left hand]. A dimension of research between different practices and imaginations, a space of the possible, a disused studio-set that has no intention of losing its function of entertaining or of “bringing about a change of direction by providing a diversion”.

The title takes as its starting point a meaning that over the centuries has indicated the left hand as "mancus", that is to say lacking, wrong, crippled, mutilated, reversed, inverted, deviated, diabolical, dedicated to magic and the occult, bearer of danger and difference, and incapable of writing in a way that is "correct, dexterous, and unblotted”.
The left hand takes shape with the rhythm of its song, which opens and closes, swells and retracts, darkens and then shines. Writing becomes a formula, poetry, spell, allusion, invocation and evocation, in a relationship without hierarchies between the body and matter, knowledge and action, subject and environment, sound and luminous physical appearance.
A variety-review theatre show that evokes magic as a technique of another kind of knowledge, the analogy that makes what is repressed a visible body, the wonder that can reveal and rewrite the mechanism of reality.
With the artistic and scenic participation of Annamaria Ajmone, Silvia Calderoni and Iva Stanisic, La mano sinistra [The left hand] develops as a theatre/space of the symbolic, suspended between reality and fiction, between technique and imagination, and invites us to look, to feel and to reverberate.

texts and director
Industria Indipendente (Erika Z. Galli, Martina Ruggeri)

Annamaria Ajmone
Silvia Calderoni
Martina Ruggeri
Iva Stanisic

musical arrangements
Steve Pepe
Iva Stanisic
Martina Ruggeri

lights and video
Luca Brinchi
Erika Z. Galli

Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale
Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT / Teatro Nazionale
LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria