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Rhythm and laughter, tradition and innovation: these are the ingredients of the new show by I Legnanesi, a company from our neighbouring Italian region of Lombardy, who return to the LAC ready to amaze us with their inimitable brand of comedy.

This new story of the Colombo family was born from a combination of the atmosphere of the old-fashioned rural courtyard where they live and the inspirations drawn from the enormously successful Italian television series Mare fuori [The Sea Beyond]: I Legnanesi are grappling with a commandment that is today as relevant as ever, together with the sumptuous, colourful and engaging scenes of Italian-style theatrical revue, the other characters in the courtyard, and the vivacious boys.

Nowadays, growing up in a traditional family that observes solid and authentic principles is a great fortune: Mabilia is well aware of this and, conscious of this privilege, she participates in a charity event winning the "temporary adoption" of a boy with problems, but also with an incredibly overpowering character. And that is precisely how Carmine becomes a member of the Colombo family, by overpowering everyone...

Teresa and Giovanni's task is to reintegrate the boy into society by providing him with the solid foundations and moral principles essential for living honestly, while Mabilia's is to play the role of "big sister". But we all know that habits (including unhealthy ones, unfortunately!) die hard and, because of an act of bravado committed by Carmine, the three Colombos find themselves catapulted into a courtroom to "clear themselves" from something they have not committed, above all Giovanni who, to Teresa's great satisfaction, actually risks going to prison. But when everything seems to degenerate leaving no way out, the situation changes, leading the spectators to reflect on the 7th commandment: Thou shalt not steal…

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text by
Mitia Del Brocco

Antonio Provasio

Antonio Provasio
Enrico Dalceri
Italo Giglioli

sets, costumes and music
Enrico Dalceri

Valentina Bordi

artistic director
Sandra Musazzi

production manager
Enrico Barlocco