Past event

14 June 2024

Bally Foundation / Villa Heleneum


A performative work created in collaboration with the dancers after a 3-day workshop lead by Maria Hassabi.  Everyday actions and gestures derived from the group’s gathering and their hanging out, will be used to produce material and engage the participants in registering their own behaviour and presence. This material will then be processed with tools from Hassabi’s practice, which entails the insertion of pauses, deceleration and applying precision. An attempt to form a sculptural installation that engages with the present architecture: the neoclassical-style Villa Heleneum has since 2023 been home to the Bally Foundation, which is dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary art. The history of the building, like that of its park, built in pure Art Nouveau style in 1931 – a faithful copy of the Petit Trianon in Versailles –, is linked to the figure of Hélène Bieber, an avant-garde dancer in Paris, who set up a social and cultural meeting centre in her Lugano home.


Maria Hassabi 

professional dancers from the workshop

Boillat Elena 
Cattaneo Eleonora 
Mauri Lucia 
Monticelli Massimo 
Strobel Kim