Past event

13 June 2024

Asilo Ciani


Paying tribute to Bauhaus, the dancer and choreographer from Ticino, Tiziana Arnaboldi, presents Autour du corps, a work that seeks a force for renewal through the exploration of new visions of the body and space.

She got the idea for the project from observing a photograph in a Bauhaus magazine depicting a cone-shaped object, which is transformed into a costume in the show: a long, four-kilogram skirt formed by nine concentric rings, made of wood, each with a different diameter, invites the two dancers to reprogram the image of their body and their habits in relation to space and to their relationship with each other, creating a new vocabulary and a new quality of movement.
The transformation of the object-skirt becomes a stage setting machine: its continuous movement, consisting of an infinite series of spirals, lines, and points, creates unexpected orientations and trajectories to rediscover the "place" that is inside and outside the human being. Within this space, a dance thus develops and becomes persistent, insistent, and constant; its architecture is deconstructed, articulated around a circular pattern, creating an intensely cosmic effect, a spectacle capable of creating startling, unprecedented figures. The musical composition's powerful rhythm features tonal, sonorous elements that are called into play throughout the entire performance, which is presented as a single whole, with no interruptions.

Tiziana Arnaboldi 

Marta Ciappina
Eleonora Chiocchini   

Mauro Casappa

object design 
Claudia Broggi  

light design 
François Gendre
Elia Albertella

Teatro San Materno Ascona 
Neuestheater Basilea-Dornach

with the support of 
Repubblica e Cantone Ticino DECS – Swisslos, 
Pro Helvetia, 
Comune di Ascona, 
Carl Weidemeyer, 
Fondazione Pende

She trains with Rey Phillips in Zurich, with Carolyn Carlson in Paris and with Pina Bausch in Essen, Germany. With her company she creates and produces many shows and performances, creations which have been appreciated internationally. Since October 2009 the company Tiziana Arnaboldi has residence at the Teatro San Materno in Ascona. Since 2015 Tiziana Arnaboldi has been the artistic director of the Teatro San Materno, where she presents performance-shows and where she creates platforms for international projects and artistic events inspired by this place, rich in art and history.

Tiziana Arnaboldi presents Autour du corps