Past event

15 June 2024

Sala 1


Atmosferologia is a project dedicated to cities and to the perspective view of the urban landscape,  created by one of the most interesting international choreography companies directed by Michele Di Stefano, winner of the Silver Lion Award at the 2014 Venice Biennale Danza. The audience follows the performance through wireless headphones, overlooking a panoramic view of the city: in Lugano, they will be looking out from the splendid Sala 1 of the LAC, located on the top floor of the cultural centre.

The urban scene is transformed by the audio into a place that floats between the present and the possible; the viewer is immersed in a landscape that is no longer just what is in front of him, but – just as in a sacred allegory – becomes a concentrate of coincidences and configurations that seem to refer to something else. Reality is now clouded, now sharply focused by sound, composed by Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch, which presides over the imaginative power of vision and makes possible the multiplication of the details in a place with imaginary coordinates.
Strange conspiracies and mysterious activities redesign the ‘here and now’ to re-read urbanity through postures and signs of an elsewhere, investigated by sharp dances that may be very near or very far, on the horizon. Indoors and outdoors.
Dance is therefore literally a point of view on the world; it inscribes and affirms the figure in the community space and at the same time suggests an escape.

Michele Di Stefano
Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch

Michele Di Stefano

Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch

Biagio Caravano
Roberta Mosca
Laura Scarpini
Sebastiano Geronimo

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Zigan Entertainment

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mk/KLm 2023

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Fuoriprogramma festival
AMAT Marche 

Self-taught choreographer and artistic director of the mk group. He received the 2014 Silver Lion Award at the Venice BiennaleDanza, the 2018 Danza&Danza Award for the show Bermudas, the 2019 Ubu Award for the best dance show (Bermudas_forever) and the 2021 Ubu Special Award for Radio India/Indian Ocean, an artistic cohabitation project staged at the Teatro India in Rome. He is the Associated Artist at the Milan Triennale 2022-24. He has received choreography assignments from Aterballetto, Nuovo Balletto di Toscana, Korean National Contemporary Dance Company and Ballet de Lorraine. In addition to the international circuiting of shows and performances, he carries on an intense activity related to experimental proposals, including the Balinese Dance Platform at the Santarcangelo Festival (2014 and 2015), the curatorship of Buffalo for the Teatro di Roma, and training and research workshops for the Higher Institute for Artistic Industries (ISIA) of Urbino and the IUAV University of Venice.

Composer and sound artist. His interests range from pure electronics to compositions for theatre and dance, from soundtracks for images to interactive installations. In his compositions he is always interested in the idea of creating new connections between otherwise distant elements. Through projects outside of Western aesthetics, such as those with Ballaké Sissoko or Amir Elsaffar, the creation of immersive sound installations such as Square for Ircam - Centre Pompidou or Atolls for the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, or even collaborations with choreographers and directors such as Adolphe Binder, Michele di Stefano, Richard Siegal or Stijn Celis, Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch explores composition and performance in relation to the spatial component of sound and the movement of bodies.  In this sense, much of his work is devoted to 3D sound, multichannel and holophonic composition. He has received commissions from various institutions: Ircam-Center Pompidou, Musical Research Group (GRM), Venice Biennale, Gothenburg Opera, Musée du Quai Branly, Saarbrücken Opera, Ballet National de Marseille, RuhrTriennale, Royaumont Foundation, Haydn Foundation.

Michele Di Stefano talks about Atmospherology