Past event

28 April 2024

Sala Teatro


The Canadian contemporary dance-theatre company Kidd Pivot presents its new work, created by the choreographer Crystal Pite and the actor Jonathon Young: a hybrid between dance and theatre that embodies all the humour and creative ingenuity that distinguish this ensemble.

A new creation in which Pite and Young – following the success of Betroffenheit and Revisor, both award-winning productions – bring together eight performers and question themselves on the human need for community and belonging. In a meeting place that serves as both a community hall and a mystical realm, the ensemble experiences the joys and dangers of a self-sacrificing affinity and the pain of exile.

Kidd Pivot's artistic signature is characterized by its fascinating stories and the role played by language as a vitalizing force.

choreographer and director
Crystal Pite

Crystal Pite (Kidd Pivot)
Jonathon Young (Electric Company Theatre)

Jonathan Young

Kidd Pivot


Foto di scena