Past event

06 February 2024

Teatro Foce


Listening to the Iliad recited by a modern bard, a contemporary voice, is like rewinding the thread that connects myth, epic, and narrative to our present day.

Today, we still feel the urgency to tell and listen to the extraordinary story of the Iliad, one of the pillars of world literature. The feelings of human beings are timeless: the love and hate of which Homer sang almost three thousand years ago still have the same disruptive power to move us emotionally and to make us think, because unknowingly we are all imbued with the humanness of myth.
Corrado d'Elia proposes a rigorously poetic rewriting of the Homeric poem, in an intense monologue that makes this ancient creation contemporary and allows what is ancestral to be reborn in a new age.
A theatrical event full of emotions and with an extraordinary evocative power in which D'Elia literally gives body to the narration, bringing the protagonists of the story back to life on stage.

inspired by

project and director
Corrado d'Elia

Corrado d'Elia

stage design, graphics and stage photography
Chiara Salvucci

lighting technician
Christian Laface

audio technician
Gabriele Copes