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After twenty-five years of performances and successes, the musical Grease by the Compagnia della Rancia arrives at the LAC with a new cast that will bring onto the stage an electrifying soundtrack and irresistible choreography, full of rhythm and energy.

Set in the United States in the 1950s, at Rydell High School, Grease tells the love story between Danny Zuko, leader of the T-Birds, and Sandy, an Australian “girl next door” who befriends the Pink Ladies. The girl and boy, together with their friends, among whom the explosive Kenickie and the rebellious and touchy Rizzo, stand out, have become over time real generational icons, and it was this that made the musical a highly successful pop phenomenon.

In 1971, at the Kingston Mines Chicago Club, Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey decided to make a musical composed only for guitar, and called it "Grease" to evoke the glossy hair and typical style of the 50s. The musical opened the following year Off Broadway at the Eden Theater and was an immediate success earning seven Tony Award nominations. In 1978, it also became a film, with an electrifying soundtrack - from Summer Nights to You're the One That I Want - which sold more than 6 million copies.

The Italian version of the musical, directed by Saverio Marconi, from its debut at the end of the 90s to the present day has exceeded 1750 performances, with almost two million spectators. Year after year, the show has been renewed while maintaining unchanged the ingredients that made it successful.

The true protagonists of Grease are rock 'n' roll music and the atmospheres of fast food restaurants and pyjama parties, leather jackets and flared skirts, the Elvis quiff and Brillantine: timeless symbols of a generation which, brought on stage with rhythm and colour, have transformed this show into an unparalleled phenomenon.

Jim Jacobs
Warren Casey

Michele Renzullo

Saverio Marconi

Italian lyrics
Franco Travaglio
Michele Renzullo

Eleonora Buccarini (Sandy)
Tommaso Pieropan (Danny)
Arianna Bertelli (Rizzo)
Valerio Angeli (Kenickie)
Federica Laganà (Marty)
Khomolchanok De Pace (Jan)
Iris Trivisano (Frenchy)
Giuseppe Brancato (Sonny)
Dario Napolitano (Roger)
Riccardo Rossini (Doody)
Amerigo Vitiello (Vince Fontain/Teen Angel)
Giovanni Ernani Di Tizio (Tom)
Elena Barani (Cha-Cha)
Chiara Bonfrisco (Miss Lynch)
Valentina Pini (Patty)
Lodovico Gaffuri (Eugene)
Monica Ruggeri (Studentessa di Rydell)
Michael Pagliaro (Studente di Rydell)
Angela Ranica (Swing Off Stage)

Gabriele Moreschi

Chiara Donato

Gillian Bruce

lighting designer
Valerio Tiberi

associate lighting designer
Francesco Vignati

sound engineer
Enrico Porcelli

musical supervisor
Gianluca Sticotti

arrangements and orchestrations
Riccardo Di Paola

Saverio Marconi

associate director
Mauro Simone

Compagnia della Rancia

Foto di scena