Tuesday 16 April

Palco Sala Teatro
25.- CHF

Israeli director and choreographer Sharon Fridman presents Go Figure, a work focusing on diversity in which the dancer "recognizes" the functioning of his own body and transforms it into a bridge to connect with the Other.

A body can express its own truth when it adopts its own language.
A body becomes a map of possibilities through its difference, when it breathes and moves its inequality with respect to other bodies. It is in this relationship of inequality that it is truly free.

Go Figure was born as a search for a space in which the Otherness of a body with functional diversity can express and enhance its own nature. On stage, the dancers Shmuel Dvir Cohen and Tomer Navot – who both share a neurological condition that produces an involuntary muscle contraction, called “dystonia” – perform a duet focused on the acceptance and celebration of a kind of movement that is unique, often unpredictable and beautiful insofar as it remains faithful to itself.

During the search for a balance that emerges from the limits imposed or revealed by the capabilities of both dancers, a beauty is born that aims to be nothing but itself and originates from the decision to support each other, without sacrificing the identity of either of the dancers, and from their shared desire to create a territory of truth.

Go Figure is an invitation to learn about the workings and rhythmic and movement patterns of other bodies.

director and choreographer
Sharon Fridman

assistant director
Tamar Mayzlish

Shmuel Dvir Cohen
Tomer Navot

original score
Luis Miguel Cobo

lighting designer
Yaron Abulafia

Miki Avni

Compañía Sharon Fridman, Festival Oriente Occidente, Mash Dance House Festival

with the support of
CAM, INAEM, Teatro Francisco Rabal de Pinto (Ayuntamiento de Pinto)