Wednesday 06 March

Studio Foce
25.- CHF

A symbolic story to discover the seasons, with butterflies, little trees, flowers, ponds, magic eggs and flying fish that pass from the hands of the performers to those of the children in the audience.

Il giardino di Gaia [Gaia's Garden] transforms with the passing of the seasons and with a chick that has no desire to come out of its shell because it feels warm inside its egg. The story moves in the circular space of a large jute carpet on which the spectators sit and where the two keepers of the garden, Gaia and April, will lead their young guests on a magical journey, accompanied by songs and music that get even the youngest children involved.

Marcello Chiarenza

Pietro Chiarenza

Elena Chiaravalli, Karin Hochapfel

original music by
Carlo Cialdo Capelli

Elvis van der Meyden