Sunday 10 March

Teatro Foce
25.- CHF

Everyone, at least once in their lives, have met in their school class an Esterina: a girl who seems to be denied many possibilities due to her family's social background and economic conditions and who, for this reason, is marginalized and mocked at school.

Lucia is in the last class of elementary school and is grappling with the arrival of a new classmate, Esterina. The newcomer has a big body and rough hands; she talks with a strange accent; she has a crumpled collar on her school smock, and she always wears the same trousers... And yet she claims she has a hundred dresses in her wardrobe. Between joys and sorrows, little Lucia observes how her classmates show their hostility towards Esterina and are unable to show a spirit of acceptance and understanding towards her. In a narrative in which bullying is only hinted at, through Lucia's curious and attentive eyes, children and adults can reflect on how we should act when faced with bullying.

by and with
Daria Paoletta

Lisa Serio

Lucia Caliandro

Mary Salvatore

lights, sets, director
Enrico Messina