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05 March 2024

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One of Broadway’s most expressive and well-known shows now arrives at the LAC in its Italian version: the award-winning musical Chicago tells a story of greed, passion, betrayal and love, against a background of spectacular music and choreography.

Written by John Kander (music), Fred Ebb (lyrics and libretto), and Bob Fosse (libretto, director and choreography), Chicago is one of the great classic musicals. It debuted on Broadway in 1996 and, thanks to a unique blend of jazz, spectacular songs and surprising choreography, it is considered to be one of the most famous and longest-running American musicals.
We are in the 1920s, in the Windy City of Chicago, where the nightclub singer Roxie Hart murders her lover when she learns that he intends to leave her for her best friend. After being convicted of his murder, she ends up in prison where she meets her idol Velma, a jazz singer imprisoned in the same facility for murder. The two join forces in an attempt to regain their freedom. Thanks to the help of the crafty lawyer Billy Flynn, they will be able to escape from prison and gain fame in the Chicago underworld.
The big city of Illinois is a universe teeming with light and shadow: stories, intrigues, thirst for success, manipulation of public opinion, and debasement of justice form the backdrop to an exciting and colourful story. "Chicago fits perfectly into an age like our own: an age when being the protagonist of a “case” and ending up on the front pages of newspapers, or going viral on the web, seems to be the primary necessity", explains the director, Chiara Noschese, "I imagine it as violent and colourful, an explosion of events in strong colours, in a world that is like a circus, an excessive and irreverent circus, devoid of ethics and teeming with intrigues, where the more a crime is extreme, the more those involved acquire notoriety… A gruesome mirror of our own time".
In over twenty-five years of touring, Chicago has been performed in thirty-six countries around the world and has been awarded a Grammy, two Olivier Awards, and six Tony Awards for Best Direction, Best Choreography and Best Revival of a Musical. The international fame of the show increased dramatically worldwide after the release in 2002 of the film, directed by Rob Marshall and written by Bill Condon, winner of six Academy Awards.

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translation, adaptation and Italian texts in verse
Giorgio Calabrese

Chiara Noschese

Franco Miseria

musical director
Andrea Calandrini

Lele Moreschi

Ivan Stefanutti

sound engineer
Armando Vertullo

lighting designer
Francesco Vignati

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