Past event

21 January 2024

Teatro Foce


The winning project of the "Portraits on Stage" 2021 competition – Laboratori permanenti combines body dimension and puppetry, bringing on stage a fundamental moment in all of our lives: leaving the nest and taking flight.

Bruno, a brilliant artist, is going through a crisis. Alone and with no contacts with the outside world, in the days following an art exhibition that could make him famous, he has not yet managed to create his own work. But his “creative block” is destined to be overcome by the material itself: PAPER, at first raw paper and then refined paper, which, despite Bruno's own wishes and will, becomes more and more independent, until it makes him realize that the best way to live in the world is to open the door and let each of us go out into the world on our own legs following the path we want to follow.

by and with
Miriam Costamagna, Andrea Lopez Nunes, Andrea Rizzo/Giovanni Consoli

scenic movements
Andrea Rizzo

Matteo Moglianesi

costume and mask
Ilaria Ariemme

radio voice
Massimo Somaglino

Drogheria Rebelot / BIBOteatro

in collaboration with
Laboratori Permanenti – Residenza Artistica Sansepolcro, La Corte Ospitale – Forever Young 2022

Winning project of the “Portraits on Stage” 2021 competition – Laboratori permanenti
Finalist project of the N Uovo Teatro Award 2021 – Specchi Sonori
Finalist project of the Forever Young 2022 competition – La Corte ospitale


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