Sunday 03 March

Sala Teatro
from 48.- to 69.- CHF

Ale and Franz return to the LAC, eager to scrutinize once again the absurd sides of our society with their usual hilarious irony that is the key to their success.

This duo of comedians was formed soon after they met in 1992 at the CTA (Centro Teatro Attivo) in Milan, where Alessandro Besentini (Ale) and Francesco Villa (Franz) were taking professional training courses and attending workshops, with a view to a career as entertainers.
Their theatrical career, developed over the years with an approach to comedy that oscillates between bewilderment and surrealism, and – like most modern Italian performers who strive to renew the historic tradition of commedia dell'arte – from the mask of the classics to jovial clowning, and from the comic to the tragic, ending up with mimicry. However, it was only in 1995 that the duo took on their current name of Ale and Franz, making their debut in the show Dalla A alla Z [From A to Z]. Since then, they have enjoyed a succession of successes, with their participation in numerous television shows, including Zelig, Mai dire goal [Never say goal!] and Buona la prima! [Good First Time].
For the cinema, Ale and Franz worked in films with obviously satirical titles: La grande prugna [The Big Plum] and Tutti gli uomini del deficiente [All the Mental Deficient's Men], and they starred in the films La terza stella [The Third Star] and Mi fido di te [I Trust You].

Together, they published the books E Larry? È morto [And Larry? He's dead], È tanto che aspetti [Have you been waiting long?], and Ale e Franz live [Ale and Franz live].

written by
Francesco Villa
Alessandro Besentini
Alberto Ferrari
Antonio De Santis

Alberto Ferrari

Ale e Franz

and with
Rossana Carretto
Raffaella Spina

executive production
Michele Gentile

Enfi Teatro