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07 February 2023

Palco Sala Teatro


08 February 2023

Palco Sala Teatro


Carmelo Rifici directs Giovanni Crippa in a performance that narrates the exploits of Ulysses from a contemporary perspective. The myth comes to life in an apocalyptic future made up of melting glaciers, of vanishing cultures and words that are found again.

Ulisse Artico transposes the setting of the classic Odyssey from the Mediterranean to the Arctic Ocean. Our contemporary hero sets out again from the lands of the far north, from a new Troy, from a new land of ruins. Again he experiences shipwreck but this time, after his longsuffering, there is no Ithaca waiting for him. Melting glaciers become a new landscape that is constantly receding, one of relentless drifts caused by a modern, invisible war, the creeping war waged by pollution and climate change against our planet.
The landscape of ruins turning from the solid state to the liquid makes the tragedy even more unbearable than the ancient tale. Nothing survives, the sense of continuity is lost. The desert of History advances. Evocations of mythical characters like Nausicaä and Calypso no longer hold up because they too have been poisoned by carbon emissions. Their place has been taken by a new system of resource exploitation, a new system of navigation that inaugurates a new chessboard of wealth and power, of global tourism. New slaves on the polar hero's horizon. In this decomposing reality will Ulysses ever get the chance to perform one last mythical deed?


Lina Prosa

Carmelo Rifici

Giovanni Crippa

scene, luci e costumi
Simone Mannino

Zeno Gabaglio

assistente alle scene
Giuliana Di Gregorio

realizzazione scene
Atelier Nostra Signora

Giuseppe Grippi
Pablo Crichton

assistente alla regia
Ugo Fiore

Teatro Biondo Palermo

in coproduzione con 
LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

Foto di scena