Past event

27 December 2022

Sala Teatro


28 December 2022

Sala Teatro


After the success of Alice in Wonderland, the Compagnia delle Formiche is back with a musical for the entire family which turns the celebrated Arthurian legend into a moving and entertaining performance.

A powerful magician, a wicked fairy and a kingdom fought over between Good and Evil. When the young Arthur is called on to become a great man, his life changes forever. His fate will sweep him away in a whirlwind of love, adventure and danger in which he can only count on his intelligence, sharp as a sword, and his heart, strong as a rock.
The magic of Merlin takes us into a world of phantasy, inhabited by talking animals and extravagant characters who accompany Arthur and Guinevere in a timeless love story.
In 2016 the performance won first prize for original music in the national PrIMO competition.

Foto di scena