Past event

31 May 2023

Teatro Foce


In this work, Egidia Bruno and Alberto Saibene, artists of the same age, come to terms with their own past: growing up in a country which the mass media was unifying, in which for the first time northerners and southerners had the opportunity to get to know each other, but where there was still a great deal mutual mistrust. Stories of the past that are still relevant today.

Rosella is the story of a girl from a town in southern Italy who moves to Milan during the years of Italy’s economic boom. Like millions of others she is attracted by the possibility of finding a job, by the myth of the big city and, in her case, also by the desire to escape a place where women have been oppressed for centuries. Ultimately, she leaves because everyone else is leaving and waiting for her in the North are relatives who emigrated before her.
Rosella’s periodic visits to her hometown highlight the continued contrast between North and South. This is her own story that intertwines with the story of a nation, in a period that runs from the sixties until the nineties: Piazza Fontana, the law on divorce, the earthquake in Irpinia.
A period when Italian society truly changed.
The desire to write Rosella came out of Egidia Bruno’s own experience as an author and actor, her own biography as a southerner arriving in Milan at a later time but with the echo of stories told by earlier generations, and Alberto Saibene, an anomalous intellectual whose family is from Milan.