Past event

18 March 2023

Sala Teatro


19 March 2023

Sala Teatro


Based on the poignant novel by Kent Haruf, who was one of America’s leading contemporary novelists, the performance tells the touching, courageous story of a man and woman who fall in love in their later years and manage to share their lives, dreams and hopes.

 Addie and Louis are over seventy and both are widowed. They are almost next door neighbors and have known each other for years as Addie was a close friend of Diane’s, Louis’s late wife. They have never frequented each other, at least until the day when Addie makes a rather disturbing proposal to her neighbor. Since her husband passed away she has had trouble falling asleep alone, and she invites Louis to come over to her house so they can sleep together. There is nothing erotic about this proposal, she just wants to share a bedtime intimacy with someone and chat in the dark before falling asleep. But society isn’t ready to accept that older people can have romantic dreams.
A daring and proud love story interpreted by the extraordinary Lella Costa and Elia Schilton, an actor of great talent and experience, directed by the exceptionally sensitive and empathetic Serena Sinigaglia.