Past event

17 March 2023

Sala Teatro


After winning the Critics’ Prize “Mia Martini” at the last Sanremo Festival, Massimo Ranieri sets off on another tour with a new performance that continues his wonderful journey with the public in an enthralling play of phantasy and life’s truest emotions.

A new performance that applies the same winning formula with Ranieri interpreting his greatest hits but always as an actor and narrator. In this new musical journey there will be no lack of unexpected theatrical twists, surprises and that irrepressible love of traditional Neapolitan humor.
Ranieri will be performing the best loved, most prestigious pieces from his repertoire including the most recent songs like Lettera di là dal mare presented at the 2022 Sanremo Festival and which won him the Critics’ Prize “Mia Martini” awarded by the Press Corps.
A not-to-be-missed performance with one of Italy’s all-time greatest interpreters.