A choreography of suspension, Rebo(u)nd is an architectural video projection unveiling and magnifying bodies on the verge of escaping gravity.

A project of choreographer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage with the companies Montréal Danse, Lorganisme and Hub Studio, the piece was made possible with the exceptional support of the Canada Council for the Arts as part of the New Chapter Initiative. It reveals the ephemeral instant when the performer floats, between momentum and falling, between liberty and unbalance, just as the body seems to defy space and time.

Projected on architectural surfaces, Rebo(u)nd will be accessible to everyone, taking dance out of theaters and studios and into the streets. Video mapping plays with perceptions, thwarting notions of time, gravity, scale and space, whether for 10 seconds or long-lasting contemplations. A visual performance to be experienced and felt, Rebo(u)nd delights in the sensations of abandon and liberty that dance can procure.

Director and choreographer
Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

Creative director 
Thomas Payette

Kimberley De Jong
Bradley Eng
Brianna Lombardo
Louis-Elyan Martin

Cinematographer and Editor 
Kevin Jung-Hoo Park

Gonzalo Soldi

Odile Gamache

Sound Design 
Jean Gaudreau

Kathy Casey

Technical Direction and Production 
Hugues Kir Caillères

Technical Advisor
Phil Hawes

Coaches (trampoline) 
Bradley Eng
Bailey Eng

Montréal Danse

Agora de la danse

With the Support of
Canada Council for the Arts (New Chapter Initiative)

Caroline Laurin-Beaucage danced with Ginette Laurin (O Vertigo), Jacques Poulin-Denis, Paul-André Fortier and Jean-Pierre Perreault. A choreographer since 2001, she creates Hit and Fall (2009), SOAK (2011), Entailles (2013) and Matière blanche (2015), as well as, in 2018, the ambitious diptych GROUND and REBO(U)ND coproduced by Montreal Danse. Her creations have been shown in Canada, France, Spain, Hungary, Germany and South Korea. In 2016, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage creates Habiter sa mémoire, an outdoor performance presented in more than 20 cities across the world, generating in 2019 an on-stage follow-up (Intérieurs) and a visual exhibition (Marquer le temps), presented by Danse Danse & Place des Arts.
A graduate of The School of the Toronto Dance Theater, Caroline teaches at Montreal’s Concordia University since 2005. She is the co-founder of Lorganisme and has served as the company’s artistic director since its creation.
The artistic language of Caroline Laurin-Beaucage draws first upon the body and movement, before crystallizing in the theoretical concepts that give them form. She is interested in sensible phenomena and largely intangible physical principles such as gravity and memory, and in the way they a!ect and shape the deployment of choreographic writing. In appropriating these intangible manifestations and transposing them into dance, she has developed a vocabulary that is inextricably linked to matter, temporality, and spatiality. Movement is circumscribed within a moment, a space, or around scenographic elements in a manner that makes them constrain and structure the composition of the choreography. Carnal incarnations of hidden systems, Caroline’s works express the essence of humanity, bringing out both raw instinct and sensibility. Her substantial,  uncompromising dance vividly embodies interiority and the imperceptible.