Past event

29 May 2022



Swiss dancer and choreographer Lorena Dozio continues her pursuit of the invisible but this time she’s using words, with her new work focusing on the human voice and the relationship between body and text. In this disassociation between movement and its description, Dozio is looking for a way out in order to conjure visitors and ghosts in a dialogue between life and death.

The choreography deals with the relationship between the surrounding environment and the limits of the body. Lorenda Dozio explores the description like the spirit of the environment, the climate and sensations that a landscape may evoke. Like in a film sequence in which conditions gradually change and transform until an encounter occurs with another body, one that is immaterial but made present by the dancer’s movement. Then there is the question of entering inside the body on the stage through “extreme” experiences like a trance or apnea. What goes on in the mind and in the body during these physical states of altered consciousness?

Sound and sound technology are an important component of the dramaturgy since they make it possible to conjure presences and absences, to draw the audience into the stage space by creating a sensorial immersion through quadrophony. A dialogue in real time between the body of Lorena Dozio, the voice Stéphane Bouquet, the sound and music of Kerwin Rolland.

concept, choreography and dance
Lorena Dozio

dramaturgy, text and voice
Stéphane Bouquet

sound and music
Kerwin Rolland

Carlo Ciceri, Am Flusse from Ins Wasser (Ed. Suvini Zerboni)
Ensemble del Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana
Anna Piroli, voice
Francesco Bossaglia, conductor
Live Recording 11 September 2016

Séverine Rième

artistic collaboration
Kerem Gelebek
Séverine Bauvais

development and diffusion
Sylvie Becquet

production and administration
Anna Ladeira
Sergio Chianca

Plateforme Crile

in co-production with
LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

artistic residences
LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
Théâtre Sévelin 36
Danse Dense
Festival Fait d’Hiver
Centre Culturel Suisse de Paris
Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi – Venezia

with the support of
The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia
Cantone Ticino - Fondo Swisslos
The City of Lugano
Percento Culturale Migros
New Echo System - Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi - Pro Helvetia


To Carlo

Born and raised in Canton Ticino (Switzerland), Lorena Dozio first approached the performing arts when she attended the faculty of Letters and Philosophy at the University of Bologna, before completing her training at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (CNDC) in Angers, directed by Emmanuelle Huynh; it was there that she created her first choreographies, later collaborating with the Brazilian dancer and choreographer Fernando Cabral. While attending the workshop Transforme at the Abbaye de Royaumont directed by Myriam Gourfink, in 2012 she met the composers Carlo Ciceri and Daniel Zea with whom she founded in Lugano the Association Crile. In 2016 she created Otolithes, co-produced by LuganoInScena and supported by RESO – Fondo dei Programmatori and which premiered at the FIT Festival in Lugano. In 2016-2018 she received the support of Pro Helvetia as part of the programme YAA! – Young Associated Artist, in partnership with LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura. In 2020 her work Rame inaugurated the 29th edition of the FIT Festival.

Composer and performer, his work ranges between the visual arts, music, dance, theatre and cinema. In his artistic work he is particularly interested in the relationship the audience establishes between sound and space. He has worked with artists of the caliber of Dominique Blais, Yvan Etienne, Joris Lacoste, Dominique Petitgand, Emmanuelle Raynaut, Michael Sellam, Pierre Bismuth, Olaf Nicolai, John Zorn and Cecilia Tripp. Since 2007 he has been collaborating with Lorena Dozio, in particular on Otolithes ON AIR, Danses Invisibles, Rame and Audiodanses.

Born in 1967, he studied economics and sociology. He is film critic for “Cahiers du cinema” and screenwriter, in particular for Sébastien Lifshitz (Il faut que je l'aime, Les Corps ouverts, Les Terres froides, Presque rien, La Traversée, Wild side). He also hosted the programme Studio danse on France Culture with Laurent Goumarre and was a literary critic for “Libération”. He participated in the choreographic creation of Déroutes, a show by Mathilde Monnier in 2002- 2003. At Capricci, he edited the book Danse et cinéma and wrote the essay Clint Fucking Eastwood for the collection “Actualité critique”. He participated in the first project “Écrire avec, lire pour” with filmmaker Claire Denis around the character of Béatrice Merkel.