Past event

from 06 December
to 07 January


Designed by Wilson for the LAC Hall, Panther Owls Elk – Animal Stories is an environmental sculpture divided into three spaces: a high corridor from which fifteen snowy owls observe the scene and two rooms housing a Rocky Mountain elk and a black panther.

Made at different times, these video portraits were combined for the first time in a unitary design that requires the visitor to passing through the bright and noisy corridor inhabited by the owls, in sharp contrast with the two adjacent darker spaces, where a black panther and an elk immersed in fog require an almost intimate and meditative participation.

“Animals have been present in my productions since my first works, it is a distinctive trait of mine, you learn a lot from them. My father and his friends took me deer hunting. I hated hunting, I couldn’t stand guns, but I learned the art of observing in the silence of the woods. I like looking at things in silence.
How does a black panther look at you? When I made the 22-minute video with the black panther it was not in a cage, it was on a table, in a room with me and a group of technicians. When we were there none of us moved, we remained still.
A German actor once said that a good actor is like a bear, he never moves first. [...]
Looking at animals is, I think, part of my signature.”

Robert Wilson

architecture, design, video portraits
Robert Wilson

a project by
Change Performing Arts

commissioned by
LAC Lugano Arte Cultura

curated by
Noah Khoshbin

collaboration for scenography
Flavio Pezzotti

collaboration for sound
Dario Felli

collaboration for video
Andrea Bianchi

graphic creations
Marco Teatro

scenic constructions
Maurizio Morini

project manager
Franco Gabualdi

Marta Dellabona
Martina Galbiati