The LAC pays a tribute to Robert Wilson, an eclectic American artist who, like few others, is capable of traversing the entire landscape of the arts, while faithfully maintaining the unity of his poetics. Wilson is the protagonist of our end-of-year programming with three events designed to explore in depth his exceptional artistic range: a site-specific installation, a meeting with the public, and the performance Relative Calm, which celebrates his reunion with the choreographer Lucinda Childs.

Robert Wilson, one of the world’s most multifaceted and innovative contemporary artists, interweaves different languages - theatre, sculpture, installation, architecture, light, drawing, gestures, movement, dance, music and sound – and gives life to a unique and unequivocal style all under the name of total art. In his video portraits, as in his theatre, the action is the outcome of an essential reduction of gestural and verbal language: a minimal process that is made iconic by the slowed-down and ritually repetitive gestures.

We have decided to dedicate an important moment of the season to Robert Wilson precisely because of his capacity to work with great ability as a transversal artist in different creative languages. This is a characteristic that marks his artistic expression and in which we grasp an explicit assonance with our LAC project, which is distinguished precisely by its interdisciplinarity. The installation in the Hall, which becomes an extension of Piazza Luini, also enables us to bring art into public spaces, to reach out to people, a significant practice for us in our relationship with the community.

Michel Gagnon, General Director of LAC
Carmelo Rifici, Artistic Director of LAC