LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura expresses Lugano’s identity as a cultural hub between northern and southern Europe. Overlooking the lake, this atmospheric, architectural marvel plays host to a rich calendar of exhibitions and events, musical seasons and theatre and dance festivals, together with a variety of cultural initiatives and a packed programme of activities for youngsters and families alike. LAC’s cross-genre appeal and the quality of its offerings make it the ideal place to enjoy art in every shape and form.

The artistic direction of the LAC is responsible for the programming of the performing arts. It offers a programme which runs the gamut from prose theatre to contemporary theatre, from national and international dance spectacles to musical programme and successful musical; it has played host to leading figures from the world of theatre and works closely with local artists. The range of performances on offer is addressed to as vast an audience as possible, combining experimentation and tradition. Since its inauguration in 2015, LAC has distinguished itself as a creative and tireless promoter of artistic expression through dance and theater both at home and abroad.