Nine brief lyrics, nine segments in which poetic verse incarnates and lives inside the body’s folds.

Written by Francesca Sangalli and interpreted by Camilla Parini, who is directed here by Alessio Maria Romano, the nine brief poems introduce us into the folds of the human body. A creation in which Romano, who recently won the Silver Lion at the Biennale Teatro di Venezia for his work of choreography and pedagogy, guides the young performer in numerous places in the LAC. Drawing inspiration from the verses, the choreographic work reveals evocative and unknown places, inviting us to explore the recesses of the cultural centre’s architectural body


Francesca Sangalli

Camilla Maccaferri

choreography and direction
Alessio Maria Romano

film direction and video counting
Olmo Cerri, REC

Camilla Parini

production delegate
Vanessa Di Levrano, LAC
Maria Fico, LAC

video production delegate
Adriano Schrade, REC

images and color correction
Giacomo Jaeggli, REC

focus puller 
Mariangela Marletta, REC

stage manager
Mattia Gandini, LAC

Associazione REC

technical material
Associazione REC

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

nude scenes 


The human being is an inseparable psycho-physical whole. Words enter the body in these nine Anatomical Poems, interconnecting tables of pathological anatomy and poetic synthesis, using corporeal violence to show the psychological origin behind a feeling, a temperament, an indecision, a regression. Here I used surgical precision to seek the organic nexus points, so that these compositions resemble a dance and become incarnations exploring bodily expression.

Together with Camilla Parini, I merely interpreted or re-interpreted Francesca Sangalli’s evocative poems. I asked myself some important questions: what did those words have to do with me and what could they suggest to me? How could the signifiant of this poetry take on a signifié  for the poet but also mean something different for the reader? This contrast and, at the same time, this symbiosis with certain specific words generated images inside us, suggestions, memories. So, while we were wandering through the LAC, we decided, after this long hiatus without any live performances, to stage our dreams in those areas that are rarely seen by audiences. Inside strange, angular spaces, hidden away from the official view, we offered up our bodies to the audience’s dreams. Our videos and our poems are evocations in which a body, Camilla Parini’s, vanishes in time, into her own past and future time, in the relationship with the material out of which the LAC itself is built, as if it were itself a body, an alternative body to the fragile human anatomy of flesh and blood. We embedded ourselves inside this context of cement and metal, in search of pieces of our own selves, but mostly pieces of others, who perhaps exist or who are just themselves. Olmo Cerri and his colleagues with great technical skill did a masterful job of turning our dreams into images.

Camilla Parini 
Parini was born and grew up in Lugano. In 2004 she came into contact with the Teatro delle Radici where she set out on a path of training and work, taking part in various performances in theatres, festivals and programmes in Switzerland and abroad. After qualifying as a social worker, in 2012 she graduated from the professional Teatrodanza course at the Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi in Milan. In 2013 she founded the Collective Ingwer with which she produced Still Leben, Princesses karaoke or something like that…(semifinalist for  the Premio Schweiz 2015 and selected by the stage arts network promoted by the partners of Viavai+), Adios  and the project of private performances Io sono un’altra. In 2018 the Collective merged with another two companies to form a new organization: Collettivo Treppenwitz. From this union was born the first production L’amore ist nicht une chose for everybody (Loving Kills), semifinalist for the Premio Schweiz in 2018, winner of the competition Festival Opera Prima of Rovigo and of the Festival 20 30 in Bologna and selected for the Incontro Svizzero del Teatro 2020. She is currently working on creating a new production for the Collettivo Treppenwitz: KISS! (Loving Kills).

Alessio Maria Romano
In his forties, artist and teacher Alessio Maria Romano combines his work as an actor with a constant study of contemporary dance, the pedagogy of movement and his own personal exploration of choreography. A Certified Movement Analyst Laban/Bartenieff (C.M.A.) he taught scenic movement and physical training at the Teatro Stabile in Turin where he also held the post of didactic coordinator. In 2015 he won the Premio Nazionale della Critica (ANCT) as a theatrical pedagogue and choreographer. A teacher of expressive movement at the Scuola Luca Ronconi del Piccolo Teatro (Milan), he was one of the masters invited by Antonio Latella to the College of the Biennale Teatro di Venezia (2018). In 2020 the Biennale Teatro awarded him the Silver Lion for his work as choreographer and pedagogue. He did the choreography for the Nuovo Balletto di Toscana for the opera Fernando Cortez directed by Cecilia Ligorio at the Maggio Fiorentino. In 2016 he founded the theatre dance company AMR where he directed the creations Dispersi, Chorós and Avida Dollars. Under Latella he returned to the stage as a performer in L’isola dei Pappagalli con Bonaventura prigioniero degli antropofagi by S. Tofano and directed by Latella, production of the Teatro Stabile di Torino (2019).

Francesca Sangalli
She was very young when she debuted as a playwright, winning awards and recognition in the theatre and cinema worlds. From there she moved on to fiction and has been published by DeA Planeta (De Agostini group), Fausto Lupetti Editore, she works with Salani and Mondadori. A versatile many-sided writer, her work ranges from political and historic themes to poignant fiction with dreamlike, poetic and even comic qualities. For years she has been working in cinema and television, especially with Fulvio Lucisano (IIF), for ITV Movie in the programme Crozza nel paese delle Meraviglie, and she has written screenplays for shorts and animated series. She lives and works in Milan where she teaches writing at the Bauer school.