Francesca Sangalli sets out on a journey into the identity and memory of contemporary humans.

A homage to the inspirational films of Werner Herzog, who fused documentary and fiction, in Mockumentary Francesca Sangalli sets out on a journey into the identity and memory of contemporary man; the genre itself lies somewhere between reality and fiction and starts from a disturbing fact that is supposed to have really occurred. The work is written in the form of a screenplay and it describes a scientist intent on organizing a conference aimed at expanding intelligence and memory through devices, artificial intelligence and the internet.


Francesca Sangalli

Alberto Marcello

Did not Homo Sapiens also have an atavistic fear of fire, until he entered the revolutionary new age, when he learnt to dominate that power and set into motion the wheels of progress? Scientists claim man has not yet reached the culminating point of evolution. But these tools might prove to be beyond our control and our minds might react in a totally unexpected way. I wonder, maybe they could also regress?

Francesca Sangalli

She was very young when she debuted as a playwright, winning awards and recognition in the theatre and cinema worlds. From there she moved on to fiction and has been published by DeA Planeta (De Agostini group), Fausto Lupetti Editore, she works with Salani and Mondadori. A versatile many-sided writer, her work ranges from political and historic themes to poignant fiction with dreamlike, poetic and even comic qualities. For years she has been working in cinema and television, especially with Fulvio Lucisano (IIF), for ITV Movie in the programme Crozza nel paese delle Meraviglie, and she has written screenplays for shorts and animated series. She lives and works in Milan where she teaches writing at the Bauer school.