A work of video art about five generations of children named Camille born between 2025 and 2425.

What happens when the human race, after irrevocably altering the planet’s environmental equilibria, ceases to be the centre of the world? This is the premise set by Donna Haraway, famous American philosopher and radical feminist, author of Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene. In chapter five of the Camille Stories Children of Compost Haraway imagines the lives of five symbiotic children named Camille born between 2025 and 2045, who in order to survive have had to adapt themselves. 



Ariella Vidach

direction, shooting, editing
Igor Samperi, LAC
Anna Domenigoni LAC

with (in alphabetical order) 
Sofia Casprini, Francesco Marilungo, Bintou Ouattara, Alice Raffaelli, Midori Watanabe 

dramaturgical advice
Lorenzo Conti

Riccardo Favaro

project coordinator
Carmelo Rifici

Roberta Pagliari 
Matteo Bagutti, LAC

Andrea Portioli

production delegate
Vanessa di Levrano, LAC
Nicola Fiori, LAC

LAC Lugano Art and Culture