Language and the beautiful in the world

Prof. Francesco Morace

Language as an open system includes the digital generation and the role of social networks and digital platforms that have formed and created new grammars, new lexicons, new expressive relationships. Millennials and Gen Z are becoming the protagonists in the metamorphosis underway: from caterpillars to butterflies. More mature people are like caterpillars trying crawl at faster pace, while digital natives are already butterflies, but often they flit around like frantic moths, blinded by the light. Given a communications scenario fed by social media on a global scale, we need to imagine new communications strategies, to manage the delicate relationship between the quantity of stimuli and the quality of comprehension, the twin tasks of maintaining both memory and imagination but also holding on to the sound of the Mother Tongue and the breathing we need to adopt.

This programme of conferences is developed for Lingua Madre by LAC edu in cooperation with, a project of IBSA Foundation for scientific research.

Francesco Morace
Sociologist and writer, Francesco Morace has been working for over thirty years in the sociological and market research field. He is the founder of Future Concept Lab and creator of the Festival della Crescita. Strategic consultant for companies and institutions on an international level and since 1981 held conferences, courses and seminars in many countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America.Professor of Trend Forecasting for fashion at Politecnico di Milano and the author of over 20 books including “Il Bello del Mondo” (2019), “Futuro + Umano” (2018), “Crescere. Un Manifesto in dodici mosse” (2017 paperback/Italian), “ConsumAutori. I nuovi nuclei generazionali” (2016 paperback/Italian and English); “Crescita Felice. Percorsi di futuro civile” (2015 paperback/Italian), “Italian Factor. Come moltiplicare il valore di un Paese” (2014 paperback/Italian) all published by Egea.He participates within “Il Consum-autore” each Sunday on the Radio24 show “Essere e Avere” hosted by Marialuisa Pezzali and is also a regular columnist on the subject of trends for Mark Up, Millionaire, Affari & Finanza.