What is it?

Selfie-Box is a compact device with a minimal design capable of taking high-quality photographs, sharing them on major social networks, and printing them instantly with high photographic quality.


  1. Your guests will be the protagonists of the event. Thanks to the photo booth, each of them can capture their participation in a few seconds, choose their preferred photograph, print it in high quality, and share it through their favorite social media. All in a very simple and fun way.

  2. Your brand at the center. Selfie-Box's photo booth is fully customizable. Its elegant and well-finished design allows for setting up a dedicated space that is accurate and perfectly in line with the event's style. The photo booth is entirely customizable, possibly using the event's brand, to give it even more visibility.

  3. Customized photographs according to the event's needs. The images can be shared in real-time on the company's Facebook page or can be printed or sent via email to your guests as a souvenir of the evening. Guests can then share the photos on their social profiles, showing them to their friends and ensuring the desired viral effect.

Selfie-Box in summary:

  • Immediate and unlimited printing of photos with promotional event graphics and automatic sharing on social media
  • Online visibility of the brand, event, location, or product that you want to highlight Increase in likes on the company's Fanpage
  • Data collection
  • Powerful advertising tool for fairs and corporate events or a valid entertainment concept for private events

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